Spring Sports Registrations on February 25th!

Please bring your completed form, or pick up a form and complete it, to register your children for Spring Rec League Sports this coming Tuesday, February 25th from 5-7pm at the Route 327 Ball Fields! Representatives from our rec program will be on hand to answer questions and accept applications.

You may submit applications for Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball at this time. Please remember applications MAY NOT be submitted back to school this year!

NEW! We will be offering online soccer sign-ups through TeamSnap! Click this link to access the form: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/225277?fbclid=IwAR3lJpWWXrbccjgm1kn9BvzfpZDyJUZFF9DRtMsrX4acPB3zYskK-XzD3p0.
Please note that this system may be used ONLY if your child is playing soccer, though you will still be eligible for the multi-sport/multi-child discount. There is a slight non-refundable convenience fee added for using our online service which accepts credit cards only. Again, the online registration option is ONLY for soccer players.
IF you do not wish to register for soccer via our online system, you may register on February 25th only in-person.

Other sign-up dates for Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball are as follows at the Route 327 Ball Fields:
March 7th from 12-2pm. (Saturday)
March 12th from 5-7pm. (Thursday)
All forms are to be turned in by MARCH 12, 2020.

Thank you and see you at the fields!

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