Contribute to the WHS Art Club Murals Project

The Wellston High School Art Club, in collaboration with Make Wellston Beautiful, will be painting an array of murals in Wellston. These community murals will not only benefit the art club by allowing students to earn service hours and display their artistic abilities, but also benefits the community because the new artwork has the potential to bring in tourists and improve the aesthetics of Wellston, while improving mental health of both the artists and the surrounding community members.

Make Wellston Beautiful is excited to be teaming up with the new Wellston High School Art Club to help raise funds for students to paint murals in Wellston. Thanks to generous donors and the strong support of our community, the mural project met its $1,500 fundraising goal through the Cause Connector of the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.

However, there is still room for you to make a mark on Wellston’s upcoming art projects!

If you would still like to contribute to the project and Make Wellston Beautiful, donations may be mailed to:

Make Wellston Beautiful

C/O Community Mural Project

P.O. Box 306

Wellston, Ohio 45692

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are honored to be assisting with this great project to help our young people Make Wellston Beautiful.

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